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Black People in the Bible
Egyptian art and architecture
About the Book
Is the Bible, the world’s best-known book, really a chronicle of generations of people, most of whom were people of color? This is the question raised by Randolph Jackson in this book, Black People in the Bible. Extensive research by the author has yielded some unconventional answers to this question.

Could the ranks of people of color include Abraham and Moses? What about David and Solomon? What kinds of people did the ancient Hebrews intermix with in Egypt or in the Holy Land?

Cover: Black People in the Bible
Was Jesus a Black man? What about his disciples?

Here is a chance for readers to see the Bible through a new perspective. Let the author present his case to you.

"Judge Randolph Jackson, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, has written an engaging study of people of color in the Bible—who are far more numerous than traditional Biblical scholarship has been prepared to admit. All who read this study will find new and persuasive reasons for seeing the scriptures in a fresh inspiring light."

—Gardner Taylor, D.D., Pastor Emeritus
The Concord Baptist Church of Christ
Brooklyn, New York

Coptic cross
Egyptian art and landscape
From the Book

"There are MILLIONS of Black people in the Bible!"

—Chapter 16 page 44

"The Ten Commandments were received in Africa."

—Chapter 14, page 34

A Black man wrote the Hebrew Torah.

—Chapter 12, page 31

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